Roadpanda only accepts online payments. Roadpanda charges by the hour. Hourly motorcycle and bike rental rates are different for Mon-Thu, Fri-Sun and Peak Season. Check tariff page for rental rates. Minimum billing is of six hours.
Yes. Booking can be cancelled from booking page.
  • Cancellation made more than 24hrs before booking start: ₹84
  • Cancellation made within 24hrs of booking start: ₹84 or 50 % of Booking Fee (whichever is greater)
  • Cancellation made after booking start: No Refund (only security deposit will be refunded)
Note: Cancellation refund will be done through the original payment method within 4-8 working days
Yes. You can reschedule your booking from your booking page at anytime before your booking end time. Booking extension is only possible if bike is available on your extended time.
  • Extended period will be billed at standard hourly rental. Check tariff page for hourly rate.
  • Modifications made more than 24hrs before booking start: ₹84
  • Modifications made within 24hrs of booking start: 50% of the hourly fee of the time period no longer being used or ₹84, whichever is greater (If your initial booking was 8am-2pm and you reschedule to 10am-4pm, you will incur a charge of 50% of the hourly fee of the 2 hours from 8am-10am that are no longer being used; or ₹84, whichever is greater)
  • Booking extension post start: No charge; standard hourly rental applies
  • Booking shortening post start: No charge or refunds applicable
Note: Extension and Modifications are subject to availability of bike.
Yes, member can change bike using "modify trip" on booking page. Change of bike is only allowed before booking start and subject to availability.
Full hourly rental rate for the bike + 200 rupee per hour late return charge will be applied. We suggest to extend your booking before booking end time to avoid late fine.
Yes, there is a security deposit of INR 0 which has to be paid when making online payment. This amount will be refunded back to your bank account within 4-8 working days of bike return.
Roadpanda has flexible pricing plan. Lite plan comes with free 5 kms per hour of rental. Regular plan comes with 10 free kms per hour of rental. Plus plan comes with 15 free kms per hour of rental. There is a per-km charge for each km beyond total free kms of bookings. Please see roadpanda tariff for more details.
No. Fuel is not included with the rental booking. The bike would be given with full tank of fuel and it has to be returned with full tank of fuel. If bike is not returned with full tank of fuel then roadpanda will fill the fuel and will deduct fuel fee + 20% of fuel fee as service charge from refundable deposit.
All roadpanda bikes are well maintained. All bikes are first hand bikes, we do not rent second hand bikes.
Marathahalli (Spice Garden Layout)
Cartier Hotels, Spice Garden Layout, Marathahalli bridge service road
Near Village Hyper Market
bangalore, 560037
Phone: 08039514848
You can pickup and dropoff motorcycle, bike or scooter between 6 AM to 11 PM.
It may so happen in rare cases due to internet issue. You should log into roadpanda and check whether your booking is listed in "upcoming bookings". If Your booking is listed in upcoming booking then your booking is confirmed otherwise it remains unconfirmed. It is customer responsbility to call our helpline 080-39514848 in such cases.
Each booking comes with two complimentary helmets.
Roadpanda represntative will take a snapshot of your driving licence at the time of bike pickup.
For foriegn customer, we will take a snapshot of your passport, visa stamping and driving licence.
The minimum age to rent a motorcycle, bike and scooter is 21 years.
Member must possess a valid two wheeler Indian license(exceeding 50 CC). If not a citizen of India, member must have a valid international driver's license and license should mention member is permitted to drive motorcycle.
Roadpanda will be responsible for all towing and impounding charges caused by motorcycle, bike and scooter failure. Member will be responsible for all towing and impounding charges caused by member negligence such as overspeeding and misuse of vehicle etc.
  1. If member is involved in an incident (including but not limited to a collision or misuse of the motorcycle) Member will be responsible for all damages caused. The Member will be obligated to pay the repair cost and Roadpanda will send the Member a repair invoice. The payment owed will be deducted from the security deposit. Should the security deposit not cover the payment (in the case the Member has accrued late return, damages more than 0 rupees, etc charges) the balance of the payment owed will be made electronically by the Member.
  2. Member will be responsible for all towing and impounding charges associated with a collision.
Only Roadpanda registered users are allowed to drive Roadpanda motorcycles, bikes and scooters. If you allow another member to drive motorcycle, bike or scooter during your reservation, you are still responsible for the vehicle.


Click on "Commute" on the home page and select week which you want to book.
In commute plan, you have the flexibility to use bike for 5 days selecting 30, 60 or 90 kms per day. This makes commute plan much cheapter than standard plan. This plan is for those who have low kms usage.
Yes, you can change your bike. Change of bike is subject to availability. You have to call roadpanda to request change of bike.
Standard excess kms charges are applicable. Please check tariff page for details on excess km charge.
No. Time and duration for commute booking is fixed. If vehicle is returned late, standard late fee will be charged.
If bike is returned late then standard late return fee will be charged.
Yes. You can return bike early. Amount charged will remain same.